[Movie Review] Negeri Van Oranje

[Movie Review] Negeri Van Oranje

Looking some path post from my friends encourages me to watch this movie. Finally this year I start the activity which has been skipped in last year, watch Indonesian movie regularly #KamisKeBioskop #BanggaNontonFilmIndonesia. This Thursday I went to Blok M Square to watch the movie then searched old book.

Negeri Van Oranje tells the story about woman and her four men best friends who spent their college life in Netherland. As you may guess, the story is about friendship and love story. I didn’t expect much from this movie, beside getting life spirit to pursue the dream (because I know that this movie about graduate degree students’ life). I hoped that I was being energized after watching this movie.

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I won’t tell you about the story or plot. Nevertheless, I want to tell my opinion regarding that movie. Overall the movie is so eye candy. If you just want to be entertained, this movie should be fit for you. This movie presents a lot of beautiful scenery with beauty shot. The director of photography should be appreciated. Furthermore the colorist added the value by increasing the saturation and made this movie so vivid. Netherland and Prague look so breathtaking in this movie. I really appreciate those things. The other good point is that this movie has strong characters. Lintang, Banjar, Wicak, Gery and Dion have their own style through their dialogue, narrative background and also wardrobe. Wardrobe department can’t be forgotten as well. Because they succeed to make character stronger with the clothing option which is so characteristic. Anyway after watching this movie, I just opened Zalora and searched shirt option through this e-commerce.

Every movies has good and bad things, hasn’t it? I didn’t really enjoy the screenplay actually. The way they do dialogue is less natural. The cause-effect is also still weak. There are many effect that the reason is not strong or clear enough. Then many scenes which are so straightforward.

However, the look of Tatjana Saphira and other visual things made me feel this movie is worth to watch. Let’s enjoy it in you favourite cinema 🙂

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