[Workshop] Commercial Photography in Social Media

[Workshop] Commercial Photography in Social Media

Yesterday, I attended photography seminar which discussed about commercial and social media. The main speakers are Heret Frasthio and Aaron Brimhall. Heret Frasthion told us about his company and his works as commercial photographer then Aaron shared to us his experience capturing pictures and uploading them to instagram daily. Instead of writting long article, I prefer to stick to some points which I wrote in my note.
* Heret is founder of 2H+ Studio. Photography company specialized in commercial photoshoot.
* 2H+ currently has 4 photographers, 6 DI (Digital Imaging) artists, 2 account executives and 2 producers.
* He said as commercial photographer, we don’t only need having great photography skill but also having ability to differentiate treatment between another clients. For instance, Pond’s and Biore. Even those are beauty products, the message which need to be delivered and product’s attitude are different.
* If you have money, but the best camera you can afford. In the mean time, if you concern in this industry, you’ll need to use that one.
* Every photographer has their own path. We need to enjoy step by step.
* Heret has Elders Company. The brand which he bought from Thailand. He uses social media to activate and do  branding for Elders Company.
* Heret’s parents in the few decades ago said if you having ability in driving and music, you can survive in everywhere. In other side, Heret currently believes if we have ability in photography, videography and copywritting, we can do it everywhere. Because nowadays everything is about the image.
* Heret shared us about Warteg Gourment. One of interesting instagram feed which is dedicated in food photoshoot.
* Aaron Brimhall shared his experience to get beautiful images.
* He usually don’t use flash in photoshoot.
* He is perfectionist. From one thousand picture he shot, just one that he’ll share to instagram.
* He uses DSLR camera, 5D Mark III to capture the image.
* He edits the image through Photoshop and Lightroom. Just two of them.
* He posts in instagram consistently just one time per one day/
* If you want your brand being posted in his feed, you need to pay for IDR 3 million for one post.

When heret presented to us

He is Aaron, the one using black cap

Last, there is model photohunt
Those are all notes which I wrote. I wish the knowledge are shared to many people. Have a great weekend 🙂

I rate enthusiasm even above professional skill
-Award Appleton-

Photo courtesy: @rental2hplus

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