Dream Project in Bandung

Dream Project in Bandung

Doing what I love is my current job. Like previous month, I join LINKERS team as a contributor. We explored Bandung for several days. Basically, what we did are taking pictures of cafe, restaurants, food, art spaces, etc, We had been provided by nice hotel, car & driver, and also budget to try the food. Sounds like dream job, isn’t it?

In the first day, Pew and I explored Pasar Jatayu, Wild Grass, Hummingbird, Imah Babaturan, and Miss Bee. Pasar Jatayu is place where you can get second-hand stuff, motorcycle spare part, vintage items, etc. Wild grass is the new new restaurant where I really like its homemade burger and also the drinks. Truly recommended. Hummingbird is just so so. Imah Babaturan is still memorable for me. The cheap price and the concept are great aspects. Last, I tried the Pizza in Ms. Bee. I don’t know whether I was too hungry or the food is delicious, I just remember that I enjoyed that night.
Pasar Jatayu

Wild Grass

Imah Babaturan

In the second day, I moved from Blue Doors, then Kopi Armor, Day & Nite, and Hartwood. Blue doors is my most favorite coffee shop comparing to the others. The place, the coffee, the snacks are just fit to me. Kopi Armor is the best for the place. If you want to enjoy the coffee with fresh air, Kopi Armor is good option. We just had lunch in Day & Nite and don’t really enjoy the food at all. The “Sapi Lada Hitam” is very poor. The rice is still uncooked well, I guess. Last, I don’t really remember the outstanding thing in Hartwood, it just run ordinarily. Oh ya, I forget that I also went to Pasar Palasari where the books are everywhere. Interesting place.
Pasar Palasari

Blue Doors

Armor Kopi

In the third day, I did the photojournalism with Kang Ivan. We went to Factory Outlet in Jl. Riau and Jl. Dago, had lunch in Lawang Wangi then had dinner in Mouton. We also stopped by Roti Sidoadi and Kopi Purnama for a while. Nothing special with Jl. Dago and Riau. Lawang wangi successfully made my day. The place is artsy and cozy. The food is just good, not great. Mouton is great place to spent with our partner, family or friends. The festival concept and grilling its meat together will give us remarkable experience.
Lawang Wangi


In the fourth days, before back to Jakarta, I went to Nanny’s Pavilion and Padma Hotel. I love the Nanny’s food. I tried the ice cream with hot chocolate and other desserts, I forget the name. In Padma, I just accompanied Mba Sasha, our chief editor to take pictures of food in Padma Restaurant.
Nanny’s Pavilion

I don’t know because I did passionate job in Bandung or Bandung itself is so lovable. I just enjoy this trip. Bandung made me want to stay there for longer period. Thank you Mba Sasha, Kang Ivan, Pew and Mba Vita for including me in this team 😀
Taken by: Mba Sasha
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