Fashion Photoshoot? How it would be?

Fashion Photoshoot? How it would be?

If you wondering how the circumstance of fashion photoshoot is, you should read this article. Two weeks ago, after recovery from my 3-weeks-bedrest, my KPJ mate (coky) texted me asking for the lens. He told me that he would do photoshoot for his portfolio. I proposed myself to be behind-the-scene-photographer-and-videographer in that fashion photoshoot.

I was excited to do this kind of job because I didn’t do anything for 3 weeks and it was so bored. I also wanted to try my new toy, Nikon D750 for producing the video. We did photoshoot for 6 hours. That was so much fun and I got much knowledge indirectly from my two mates (Coky and David) regarding studio lighting and fashion photography.

The are two of final result of this photoshoot which captured by Coky.

Oh ya, I remember. One of the pleasures of joining this photoshoot is getting proper and studio-quality-pictures. These are some picture of us which are so cool for me, personally haha.

KPJ Brotherhood

I just love this portrait. Taken by Coky

Behind the scene pictures which captured by me can be seen on below.

More pictures? Click show button 

The last one, the the must-be-watched video finally has been done. You can see it on below. Enjoy 🙂

Credit goes to:
Photographer: Coky Putra
Producer and Lighting: David Hasudungan
Make Up Artist: Inez Febiola
Behind The Scene: Nizar
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