Weekend in Padang

Weekend in Padang

On the road accompanying my auntie from Abu Dhabi, my college friend texted me through LINE. He asked me to join the trip to Padang. There was the wedding of Dimas who is our college friend as well. Initially, I ignored the request. Nevertheless, Allam and Joni gave me good offering which is half price of a ticket to Padang and I didn’t need to pay for a hotel.

I considered that I never go to Padang before and it sounds interesting. I decided to join the trip and it was so nice for the short getaway.

Joni picked me up at Cawang then we headed to Allam’s place. We went to Soekarno Hatta Airport and put the car on parking area for one night. The flight time is around 1 hour 45 minutes. I got Lion Air for the first flight. As people said, it delayed for about 30 minutes. We Arrived at Minangkabau Airport around 8 a.m. Our friend who already there picked us up and provided rent car. The first thing to do in the morning is absolutely breakfast. Soto Padang was our choice at that time. Honestly, it was my first time trying that food. It was so nice. Furthermore, we directly drove to the wedding.
Joni, Andri, Allam

Roka and me

Dimas is 20th first wedding in #metal08

We took a rest in hotel for a while. Joni and Allam booked Pangeran Beach Hotel. Based on one of travel e-commerce. It is one of the top hotel in Padang. After praying Dzuhur we started our trip. We went to Lembah Anai, had early dinner or late lunch in Sate Mak Syukur in Padang Panjang, and enjoyed the cold weather in Bukit Tinggi.

Taking a rest in Hotel

Lembah Anai is the waterfall which located beside the road. It’s quite famous there and being recommended place to go. When we drove to Sate Mak Syukur, we amazed seeing Asmaul Husna (99 Name of Allah) which installed on the side of the road. Afterwards, I enjoyed my first sate Padang ever in famous place in Padang Panjang which is Sate Mak Syukur or can be shortened by SMS haha. In Bukit Tinggi, I enjoyed the weather, the people and the circumstance. Backed from Bukit Tinggi, we tried to see Siti Nurbaya Bridge. However, I didn’t enjoy that place. The place was under my expectation. I don’t know maybe because my point of view or anything. Because I see in painting, it is so beautiful if you look from under the bridge in the afternoon.
It was raining for some times

Lembah Anai

Sate Mak Syukur in Padang Panjang

Bukit Tinggi

On the day

On the night
Siti Nurbaya Bridge

Second day, Andri Suryo flew to Palembang in early morning and Roka enjoy his day with his family.  Thus, Joni, Allam and I headed to Universitas Andalas then went to Sitinjau Lauik. The place where you can see Indian Ocean from the highland. Though, we can’t see it clearly because it was so foggy. We ate instant noddle there. It was so great combination between hot food and cold weather.
Universitas Andalas

Sitinjau Lauik

The view when we ate noddle
We flew to Jakarta at 18.15. However it delayed around 30 minutes. Arrived in airport, we headed to car park and Joni took us to our own place. Thank you for this refreshing short getaway after long time we don’t take vacation together as #metal08 brotherhood haha.
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