Do Corn Row by Myself

Do Corn Row by Myself

Effort means result. However that rule is not applicable to this video. This video is the most engaging Facebook video I ever had. I don’t know why. I didn’t put too much effort in this video, but I got more that 1k views and some likes, shares and comments. It’s quite big amount for me

You can watch the video as well.
Just click spoiler click below to see the comments

The engagements

If you are as same as common people who amaze with this video, I’ll tell you the secret. Do you want to know how come I did corn row by myself?
Click “show” button to know the secret
I just simply reverse the video


The original video is that I untied my hair. However, I change the direction and woooosh!!! They amazed 😀

Please forgive me, dude hahahaha

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