First Time of Nyalon

First Time of Nyalon

I never think coming to Salon for taking care of my hair. But I need to do to achieve one of my life goals which I really want to since I was in college. Have you ever heard about corn row? Ya, the common hairstyle which be used for black people. If you watch Karate Kid, ya I was inspired by Jaden Smith. It was my second time having long and “Kribo” hair. I directly cut my hair in my first Kribo phase and I don’t want to repeat it again. Therefore, I couraged myself to explore my hair without thinking that much about what will people comment, especially my family or older people.

I did it in Cyber Hair Salon in Kebayoran. If you googling “corn rown salon jakarta”, Cyber Hair will be the most recommended salon. I went there by myself and explained to the hairstylist what I want to be aaaaaand, I got my corn row hair. Finally!!!!! 😀

Oh ya, one info, I need to pay IDR 210.000 for making that hair. Worth it.

hahaha she shocked looking my hair

Final Result

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