[Review] AADC 2 Feels So Inorganic

[Review] AADC 2 Feels So Inorganic

The sequel of AADC is the movie which finally increases the excitement of audience to watch Indonesian movie. I am the one of the excited fans who waited for this movie. However, the excitement was over until watching the film. There is no post-watching syndrome or whatever which really makes me want to put this movie as favourite list.

When I see the first scene, I was wondering “what happened with the cast?”. Cinta, Milly, Maura and Karmen who having strong character in the first movie, just feel like losing their ability to act in front of camera. I don’t know why, but the act doesn’t seem sincerely. What I feel is that they try to be the character after the director say “Action”. I didn’t found Cinta, Milly, Maura and Karmen. I just see Dian Sastro who pretends to be Cinta, Sissy Priscillia who pretends to be Milly and same thing happens with Titi Kamal and Adinia Wirasti. However, Milly worth to be appreciated because she is the only one who at least being the best between the others. As the film rolls, Milly seems like more natural.
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AADC has many memorable scenes, dialogs which can easily being recalled. In this sequel, I found that they tried to connect the audience with the first movie. For instance when Rangga and Cinta were getting time together and finally Cinta realized that she has appointment with her gang. The filmmaker tried to give us the same story or treatment with previous one. Nevertheless, it didn’t feel the same, even worse.

This movie has 124 minutes to give best impression to the audience, but I didn’t get any of it. The story is going nowhere. There are a lot of information which isn’t well-tailored. The component of story was put in the film without strong cause-and-effect relation. This movie should worth to have more unexpected story. I still don’t understand why there are a lot of overused story. The ex couple who are not seeing each other in the same place, the woman who get jealously by the man due to misunderstanding when the man being hug by another reason. Those are just too FTV for me.
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The one who worth to be appreciated is the location manager or whoever that finds the beautiful villa in Jogja and the others relaxing sceneries. Another thing is puppet performance. I think that scene is the best scene for me personally.

Overall, this movie is too inorganic for me. Everything feels trying-to-be-filmic, doesn’t feel natural. In spite of my comments, I do encourage all of you to watch the film as soon as possible. Because everybody has their unique point of view. Let’s support Indonesian Movie by watching it in the theatre.

Rate: 3.7/10

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