Reaching The Top of Europe

Reaching The Top of Europe

If you want to go to country whose mesmerizing snowy mountain landscape, clearly beautiful lake and curvy green hill, you should go to Switzerland. I love Switzerland in term of landscape, its people and the weather. In other side, the living cost there is not friendly. For instance, I needed to spend CHF185 for three days travel pass (it is the price for youth (age 18-26), the adult price is CHF 216). While in Rome I just spend €28 for two days travel pass. Ya, Swiss Travel Pass (STP) can be used anywhere in Switzerland, but I think that’s still pricey.

We arrived at Zurich Airport about 12 p.m. We directly bought STP and new sim card for wifi (our portable wifi was trouble). When I want to take the bus, I tried to see the timetable through poster in station board. Nonetheless, it was too confusing to be read. I recommend you to install SBB Mobile in your smartphone. It was the most useful and on time transport application I’ve known. You just type where you are and where you’re gonna go. It will show you kind of train/bus you can use and the departure and arrival times are exactly same as the application. If you want to make sure, “is it the station we need to stop?”. Just check the time in application, It will show you what time the bus/train will reach the station you want.

When I knew that the living cost in Switzerland is expensive, I was so happy seeing the price in COOP. COOP is the well-known minimarket in Switzerland. It saved me because I can find many affordable food there. For instance there is bread just for CHF 3, the cup noodle for CHF 3 and pasta for CHF 5. You can’t get that cheap price in other shops.

We stayed in Lauterbrunnen, at Schutzenbach Backpacker Hostel. I really recommend you to stay there if you want to stay in Lauterbrunnen. I don’t know maybe there are better hostel there. Yet, I booked the room in Schutzenbach which consist of two bunk beds (for 4 people) and shared bathroom just for CHF 19 per bed/ per night/ per person. The best think I got there is the view. I mean, even the budget hotel in Lauterbrunnen has a great snowy mountain as the view (I’ll show you the image). In addition, there is bus stop exactly at the Schutzenbach Hostel. So we just took a bus from Lauterbrunnen station and stopped at the first stop, at Schutzenbach Hostel.


We went to Jungfrau Mountain (Top of Europe) in the next day. I suggest you to buy the ticket at the D-Day, considering the weather. Because if it’s cloudy or snowy, you can’t see anything beside flat-white sky. We took train from Lauterbrunnen at 7 a.m. It takes about 2.5 hours to Jungfrau. When we took the train, we thought that we can use STP to take train from Lauterbrunnen to Kleine Scheidegg for free, then we’ll take cable car to top of Jungfrau from there which we need to pay. It turns out that we need to pay jungfrau ticket from lauterbrunnen. As I said that I love Swiss people, the train officer is so friendly. I mean, when we didn’t buy the ticket to Jungfrau (because we don’t know that we need to buy ticket from lauterbnunnen), they let us know very friendly (he was not angry at all). Even he gave me the maps about Jungfrau region. The way to top of Jungfrau is so pleasing the eye. You’ll enjoy it. Every scenery looks like a painting.

When I arrived at Jungfrau, I got a bit headache. I recommend you to take proper breakfast/meal before going to Jungfrau and bring the snacks in your bag. Because you’ll take long time enjoying the Jungfrau, you’ll need some snacks to be ate. The F&B in the top is expensive. For instance, I bought cup noddles for CHF 10. I think I got headache because the adjustment effect of temperature and altitude.

Jungfrau has many entrance and zone. For instance zone 1 when you can take picture with big moutain, zone 2 where you can playing the sky, zone 3 where you can enjoy the scenery from the tower, etc. Jungfrau is too big and too many things to explore. You’ll take one day to enjoy that trip. Don’t take a rush. I spent 3 hours there and I didn’t explore all of spots. I recommend you to explore all zones while bringing the snacks or medicine just incase you got a headache.

I took the to Jungfrau from Lauterbrunnen and from Jungfrau I didn’t take train back to Lauterbrunnen, but I took train to Grindelwald. You should googling “Jungfrau Region”. You’ll see that Lauterbrunnen and Grindelwald are the outer region in jungrau and the route is like the circle. I recommed you to take the the route Lauterbrunnen – Jungfrau – Grindelwald or the other way Grindelwald – Jungfrau – Lauterbrunnen. Therefore, you’ll see richer sceneries.

When we took the train back to Grindelwald we randomly stop in the Wengernalpbahn. The scenery there is too breathtaking. I don’t know how to describe it, I’ll post some pictures when we were there.

Arrived at Grindelwald, we went to COOP for a while to take a late lunch then back to Lauterbrunnen. The time was already at 5 p.m. We wanted to take cable car (which can be used for free using STP). I expected the cablecar is so small which we can sit and it just for 4-6 person. In fact, the cable car can accomodate more that 50 people I think.

We went to Murren for a while, then went down to Lauterbrunnen, took bus from Lauterbrunnen train station to the last stop. There is also cable car, we took that cable car, we plan to take cable car until the famous spot, (Schillthorn, Piz Gloria). The restaurant, shooting location of james bond, whose view of the great panorama. Unfortunatelly we were late, it was already about 8 p.m. FYI, you need to pay CHF 80 to take cable car to Piz Gloria. If you have STP, you’ll get 50% discount.

That was our last trip on that day, we backed to Schutzenbach and cooked a noodle. That day was too packed and so joyful. I saw great beautiful sceneries and got new experience with the snow, cable car, etc. So far, Switzerland is the country where I wanna go back there for honeymoon 😀

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