Birthday Surprise of My Silver Year

Birthday Surprise of My Silver Year

Most people said 25 is our silver year. I face the phase when I need to be more mature logically and emotionally. This year, thank god I have many good friends who gave more attention for me in my 25 birthday. The two surprise wasn’t actually in the June 27th, but in a few days later.

Dinda and Dera asked me to have a K Organizer meeting. Honestly I expect surprise will happen, because templately, we will have a meeting after one of us birthday and we make a surprise. It was as shocking as the past years, but it still made me happy. The weren’t only Dinda and Dera, but Sandy and Qbill as my close friend came as well. I would say to Dinda, Dera and Desi who gave me great bag. Finally I had it 🙂

A few days later, Ziyad, Zainal, Reza and Hamzah gathered in Grand Indonesia. We usually do this kind of thing to support and motivate each other. We share our current updates and our future goals. When we want to back to Home, some of them already ordered a cake in Colette Lola. Thank god for all of this good things.

Do you know whay Malika Black means? It means black soybeans. Because I’m black -__-

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