Eid Day 1437 H

Eid Day 1437 H

What is the meaning of Eid Day for you? Is it new clothes? Is it family gathering? Is it cookies time? Lebaran should be interesting because we gather with our big family. However, I don’t know why, as the time goes by, I’m not really interesting with Eid Day. A few years ago, we still visit many numbers of family. This years, the number of family, uncle, auntie who need to be visited is decreasing.

These are some snapshots of Eid Day 1437:

Anyway, unlike the previous year, I print the Eid Greeting Card and send to my mates through post office. This year, I distribute the e-card through WhatsApp, LINE and other messengers. Some of my mates commented about this card. And this is my e-card for Eid this year.

What’s your opinion? 🙂
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