Engineer’s Sleepover

Engineer’s Sleepover

Pillow talks and sleepover sound so girly thing. We did it in the boy’s term. Maybe boys night out sounds more proper way. A few days ago, my ex-office mates asked me to sleepover in his new apartment. I was so excited because we had this kind of plan for a few months already, and recently had been executed in last week.

Due to workloads, I came late. I came around 9 p.m. The Hendra’s apartment Hendra is so proper. The room size, the living room, the toilet, kinda good apartment. I wish I had one someday. Amiiin. Playing play station, having dinner and we also swam at that night. I captured some photographsfor this night. Some of photographs also were captured by Yoga & Sogusa.

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Finally I have cool picture of me. Taken by Yoga

We shared our current updates and absolutely talked about our future. There is nothing happier than reaching the top together. I wish all of us getting the best things wherever we are. Amiiin.

P.s: There should be some interesting pictures and videos from Yoga’s GoPro. I’ll update here soon, when I got them.
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