Wedding Organizing in TMII

Wedding Organizing in TMII

Wedding planning and organizing are quite complicated. There are many things to do. Bride and goom, family, wardrobe, make up, decoration, photo video, and many more. A few weeks ago, K Organizer had two projects in a row. The first one was held in Anjungan Jawa Tengah, TMII and the second one was held in Sasana Kriya, TMII.

We splitted two teams, but some people were being in charged in two weddings (Sandy, Bayu and I). It was so tiring to organize two weddings in a row. However that feeling had dissapeared after seeing the happiness of our client.

These are snapshots of two weddings:

The Wedding of Mira and Dyo

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The Wedding of Tiwi and Idham

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Those weddings were organized by K Organizer, your partner in happiness 🙂

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