Final Exhibition KPJ 9

Final Exhibition KPJ 9

Last thing usually is the best thing. That was my expectation when I did my final task for the final photography exhibition in Kelas Pagi. However, It didn’t run as my expectation.

The theme is Jakarta. I didn’t really know what I want to share about. I proposed my concept to Pa’e (Anton Ismael) about Dufan in my thought. Nonetheless, the concept wasn’t strong enough. I have changed my concept less than a week before the day. I don’t have time and willingness to show my concept to Pa’e. Everything was so fast. I also don’t have time to use model or even ask my friend for being my model. Therefore I do self portrait.

If you don’t understand what it means, never mind. That art is still being the part of my learning process. I thank to my friend who spent their time coming to our exhibition. Though, it wasn’t my best art, I promise to do art-making again and again and becoming better and better.

My supportive friends 

and there was Sissy, but her picture has gone

The circumstances 

“After party” 

Celebrate their birthday

“Where The Land Inspires The World”

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