From Engagement to Wedding – Athaya & Syarif

From Engagement to Wedding – Athaya & Syarif

From Engagement to Wedding – Athaya & Syarif

As the year goes on, the new clients comes up. One of them is the doctor couple, Athaya and Syarif. Firstly, their cousin (Mba Dylla), texted me asking about pricelist for second shooter in their wedding day. I sent her the pricelist which consists other packages. Besides hiring me as second shooter in their wedding day, they also hired Nizarland Pictures as photographer and videographer in their engagement day. A few weeks later, Athaya’s mom also texted me. She asked about animation prewedding video which I had uploaded in YouTube. She asked me to produce that kind of vdeo for Athaya and Syarif. So, I’ll do many productions for this client.

A few months after dealing, Tante Vera (Athaya’s mom) and Mba Dylla invited me for having initiation meeting. I met Athaya and Syarif for the first time. Asides from say hello and making friends with client, I was also having conversation with Athaya and Syarif. I want to know their love story as the initiation story for our animation prewedding video. Honestly it wasn’t that easy encouraging them to share their love story. Both Athaya and Syarif were so shy. With a help of Mba Dylla who ignited the story and reminded how their love story was, I got the main idea for their video. If you want to see how their relationship was running, you can directly check to our prewedding video.

foto prewedding studio

The team (minus make up artist)


tempat prewedding jakarta nizarland pictures 1

happy faces

Beside animation prewedding video, I also produced animation wedding invitation for them. You can check here.


Actually, we produced those video after their engagement day. The engagement was well-organized. The most remarkable thing is there was holicow food truck as our lunch menu. I was so happy hahaha. You can see the photos and video of engagement as posted below.

foto lamaran pekerjaan 3

foto lamaran pekerjaan 7

foto lamaran pekerjaan 8

foto lamaran pekerjaan 10

Wanna see more engagement photos? Click spoiler below

[spoiler title=Click_here]

foto lamaran pekerjaan 1

foto lamaran pekerjaan 2

foto lamaran pekerjaan 5

foto lamaran pekerjaan 6

foto lamaran pekerjaan 4

foto lamaran pekerjaan 9

foto lamaran pekerjaan 11


A few months later, wedding day was coming. I asked one assistant to helped me to do other technical things through the day. Athaya and Syarif hired me mostly for taking candid shots as second shooter. The main photographer was Diera Bachir team. Fortunatelly I had freelance in their team before. So, it was so easy to immerse and coordinate with that team. The “Akad” was being held in the morning and the reception was in the night. So we did wedding documentation for the full day. Everything was so great. The couple, the family, the food, dress, venue, decoration, wedding cake, and other things was so great. Anyway, our prewedding video was being played in reception. I was so happy seeing the people’s expression and faces when they watched that video. The hard work pays off. Thank you Athaya, Syarif and family who trust me involving in your big and memorable day. See you around 🙂

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