Being Trapped by Police in Rome

Being Trapped by Police in Rome

Being Trapped by Police in Rome

What are the things which come up in your mind, when I say Rome? Maybe you’ll say Vatican, A.S Roma, Colosseum, old buildings, etc. I don’t have any expectation with Rome. Even I don’t know which spots I need to go beside Colosseum. I relied everything on my sister about itinerary in Italy. Because she’s really into Italy (even she is taking course to learn Italian).

We arrived in FCO airport, then took train to Termini station. It takes €16 for that train. I advice you to compare the price with car rent. Because in my case, it would be cheaper renting car and it would be directly to our apartment. Unfortunately, since I had bought the train ticket, so I went to Termini station using train.

When we were in Termini, we directly bought travel pass for 48 hours. It costs €28, included free pass to some museum. However we can use it just one time to museums in Vatican City and Colosseum. For instance, Dira (my sister) didn’t go to Vatican city, so she hadn’t used it. So, she could enter Colosseum for free. In the other hand, I went to Vatican City and entered Castel Sant’Angelo for free using that travel pass. Then, when I wanted to go to Colosseum, I need to pay the entrance ticket, because travel pass has been used before. Yet, I got 50% discount because I had that travel pass. So, I recommend you to buy that travel pass. So efficient and useful.

When I arrived at termini, my expectation was dropping. I see the city is just messy, similar to Jakarta (in the term of messy and crowded) but the people are western. Some people remind me to be aware of pickpocket. Nevertheless, my trip was save in Italy. Thank god 🙂

The main public transportation in Rome are Bus and Metro. Waiting for the bus usually will be longer than waiting for metro. We used metro to our apartment. After arrived in apartment, while the other was still taking the rest and was waiting for the football match in the night. I prepared myself and went out to Vatican alone.

I didn’t watch football match, because I’m not into football. In addition, we just had two effective days in Rome. That’s why I prefer to explore the city, instead of watching the football. I went to Vatican using metro. I like the Metro in Rome. Because I didn’t need to transit as much as in Paris. My apartment was nearby to Re Di Roma metro station and I stopped in Ottaviano metro station then relied to Waze navigating the museums and other famous spots.

I went to Caster Saint’Angelo and Piazza San Pietro. FYI, I started my trip from apartment about at 4p.m and it was sunday. Actually I went to go to Sistine Chapel and Vatican Museum, but it was closed. I suggest you to check whether the place open or close before visiting that place. Saint’Angelo is so huge and having many stairs. You have to take more that 100 stairs I guess to reach the top. There are many romanian-look spots in Saint’Angelo. If I bring photogenic female model, I’m sure I would take more pictures haha. Since, I just went there by myself, I just took a few of pictures while recording more videos. I think Saint’Angelo is a recommended one.

I moved to Piazza San Pietro. It is broad square. I went there and enjoyed the moment, sat for a few minutes, saw people who did prewedding photoshoot, made friends with other tourists and many more. The fondation/coloumn for the architecture is so big. It would be great for your photo’s spot. When I want to back to apartement, there were two polices wearing soldier uniform and handling weapon asked me firmly, “document?!”. Thank god, I brought my paspor (I almost forgot it). So, he just wrote something on his note and let me go.

Arrived in apartment about 9 p.m and I just remembered that I didn’t have apartement key. I asked my sister and she still watch the football with the others. I asked the apartement owner (Mattia). Fortunately, I have friendly and helpful host. Mattia and his friend come to McD nearby the apartment, gave me extra keys. We did chatting for a few minutes. Since they looked so friendly, I asked them to use their laptop for transfering my video files from memory card to hard disk. They let me come to their office in the next day.

In the second day, Dira and I went to Termini station first to bought train ticket while the others still slept in apartment. There was bad tragedy about train ticket. I don’t want to share here, because the story will be that long and too negative. Then we moved to Colosseum using metro. The queueing for entrance tickets was too long. That’s why we felt lucky for having travel pass.

We spent almost two hours in Colosseum. Whereas, we didn’t see the statues one by one. Dira said Colosseum was just so so. However, I think that quite impressed me. From Colosseum, we moved to Piazza Venezia. We didn’t plan to go there after visiting Colosseum. While we took a bus heading to Fontana De Trevi, Dira saw great white monument. So, we just stopped. In the end, we realized that was Piazza Venezia. You should go there, because there are many instagramable spots.

Then we walked to Fontana De Trevie. We expected it would be on the wide piazza/field. However, it located in the middle of small road. In addition, there were too many tourist. Too many. I even didn’t know how to take pictures without that huge tourist as a background. Though, we got some pictures which are just us and the Trevie as a background 😀

Time was ticking. We were rushing to Mattia’s Office (in order to transfer my videos through his laptop). His office is in Via del Babuino, in the center of Rome, the business and fashion center of Rome (he said). Sadly, I can’t transfer my videos because my Hard Disk is Mac format and it can’t be read in Mattia’s laptop which is windows. However, he let me to copy those file for a while. Then, when I’m home, he will transfer them through Wetransfer. What a helpful Italian friend. In addition, Mattia and Gian Carlo gave us some snacks and let us enjoy their chill rooftop for couple of minutes.

Then, we continued to Piazza del Popolo. I saw a group of filmmakers who did shooting. I made a friend with the executive producer, a friendly one. We already shared our contact. That time made we have a new goal, as a filmmaker or photographer who can work all over the world, amiiiin. Since she said, the crew are not from one production company. They are so diverse.

Afterwards, We found A.S Roma Official Store unexpectedly. Dira was so excited and bought some items there. The price is not that expensive. FYI, there is small museum behind the store. You should enter the store and take down the stair. If you are A.S Roma fans, I’m sure you’ll love it. Later, we moved to Piazza di Spagna which being famous by “Spanish Steps”. That place was so relaxing. We tried to enjoy the moment, just sat and enjoyed the moment. After a few miles walking and enjoy the transition from the day to the night, I would say that I enjoy the vibe of Rome. It didn’t give me great first impression through my eyes. However, you should feel it. The vibe was so artsy and relaxing.

The night was coming, we headed to Pantheon. We didn’t have energy to enjoy that place. Because it was already dark. We just formally pose in front of Pantheon as memory that we’ve been there. Then, we catched up with Yazid, Kak Ria, Kak Sita and Bang Irfan. We had a dinner together. Finally I tried to enjoy dinner in the street of rome. Great experience.

When we backed to apartement. Dira and I continued using bus while the others took rent car. We used it since the car wasn’t enough and we just wanted to use our travel pass. In the midnight (it already 00.00 a.m). Our phone was off, the power bank was also empty. We just followed the information which written in the board at bus station plus asked the strangers. Since we don’t know exactly the direction, we took wrong way, we spent one hour from that place to our apartment which supposed to be just half hour. It was unforgettable experience.

In the last day, Dira and I wanted to go to cheap market in Rome, i forgot the name. Unfortunately, we spent 45 minutes to wait the bus and bus didn’t come. We cancelled our plan, because our train schedule to next city would be in a couple hours ahead. We just had breakfast, backed to apartment and went to Termini Station, continuing our trip to Florence.

Rome made me wanna back someday, not for traveling, but for working.

1. Do not arrange too tight itinerary. We wil spend more time to search for directions, to ask people dll. There will be some unexpected plans.
2. Before going to the places, it would be better if you googling then knowing either the place is open or close
3. I suggest you to buy travel pass, there are many benefit using that card
4. Waiting for bus will be longer than waiting for metro

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