The Coziest Apartment in Europe

The Coziest Apartment in Europe

The Coziest Apartment in Europe

After visiting Paris and Rome which are full of “city” view. I expected Florence will be different. My friends said, Florence is so beautiful. I was too excited visiting this city.

Arrived at Firenze train station, Anita (Dira’s friend) picked us and we went to our apartment. It located around 700 meters, about 10 minutes walking. The funniest thing about the apartment is the lift. So, our apartment is on the third floor. There is old lift which is operating so slowly, slower that people who walk to third floor. We had been trapped once there, we were just panicked. It was fun yet scary experience.

I could say the apartment in Florence is the most comfy apartment when I was in Europe. It’s not big, it’s not fancy, but it’s cozy. We cooked the rice that we bought in Paris and enjoy our “Abon” that we brought from Indonesia. It was so delicious (after eating pasta and bread again and again).

We visited St. Maria Del Fiore, it is the most remarkable church/building there. Dira and I had entered it once when we wanted to went up and take the pictures from above it. That’s one of famous spot to get picture with Piazza del Duomo Firenza as a background. However, we cancelled it because we need to pay €10 to take the stairs. Since we didn’t think that it was so worth it. We just entered and exit the church after a few minutes.

Another famous landmark is the bridge, Ponte Vecchio. The pictures in google are beautiful, but when we were there, it was just so so. Maybe we need to wait longer until almost the night, it probably more beautiful. When we were there, it still the midday.

Another memorable experiences was eating Neapolitan Pizza in Pizzeria O’ Vesuvio. The funniest thing is we had been insisted by the waiter to order one pizza for one person. In Indonesia, we usually share the pizza. So, we buy the large one for 3-4 person. Eventually we ordered three pizza for four of us. In the end, we just ate two pizza, we took away the rest. The waiter said the pizza is small. However, it is big. He lied to us hahaha

I think that’s all of experience I got in Florence. I think if I have chance to come back, I’ll visit Tuscany, Siena, and other villages in Italy.

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