Jogja Short Getaway

Jogja Short Getaway

Jogja Short Getaway

Jogja threw me back to 2009. The time when I went there (not the first time) with my closefriends (Ziyad & Hamzah). I just reminded the time when we were still in college. We didn’t have enough money, we was looking for low budget hotel (we found the hotel for IDR 40.000 per person per night, it included breakfast and swimming pool), etc. Fortunatelly, at this moment, I personally feel so blessed. Having extremely luxury hotel and two ways flight using Garuda Indonesia (for free).


I went to Jogja for assisting my boss (Ipang Wahid). Because Mas Ipang had been asked for being speaker in two seminars. In the morning, there was seminar about creativepreneur in digital era. Then, in the night, there was sharing session for photography and filmmaking enthusiast about TVC production.

Based on the schedule, Mas Ipang and I would be back to Jakarta at the second day, 10 am. Nevertheless, Mas Ipang’s schedule which is a meeting with President had been rescheduled earlier. Therefore, Mas Ipang must be back to Jakarta at that night (after sharing session about TVC production).

I thought, I also need to be back as same as Mas Ipang. But hey, Mas Ipang said “Zar, why would you need to back earlier? Just enjoy this hotel.” I was just thinking “hmmm… is it real? enjoying this Hotel Tentrem without my boss? and having time to explore jogja in the night? that was so cool”

When I arrived at Jogja, I texted Hamzah to tell that I reminded about our previous trip. Occassionally, Hamzah said “Zaaaar!! I’m in Jogja too!!!”. Yeeeesss!!! It such a nice coincidence. I asked Hamzah to meet up after dropping Mas Ipang in Jogja Airport.

Hamzah and I went to Malioboro, I was enjoying taking street photos there. We didn’t do many things beside walking and enjoying Malioboro’s vibe. Oh ya, I tried Kopi Joss for the first time. Back to hotel. I enjoy the Bathtub time and felt like a king sleeping in that big executive suite hotel haha. Hamzah also slept there.

In the next day, after enjoying the breakfast, Hamzah directly went to his hotel and continued working to his branch office. I went to airport for taking flight to Jakarta. Jogja is so nice. I realized that sometimes, we don’t need to travel in a far away for long period. Having short getaway in Jogja for a night was so relaxing for me. Alhamdulillaaaaah 🙂

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