Amsterdam Feels Like Home

Amsterdam Feels Like Home

Amsterdam Feels Like Home

Paris is too high end fashion and glamour. Italy cites are too lifeful, artsy, random. Switzerland are too beautiful for the scenery and relaxing. Netherland, I mean Amsterdam is too homey and chill out.

Arrived in Schiphol airport, we were picked up by Kak Sendy (Kak Ria’s family). The first thing we did is managing our transportation. We compared the travel pass price and rent car price. In Amsterdam, if you use travel pass for 3 days which can be used to outer region (for going to Volendam or Zaanse Schans), we need to pay for €33. While rent car for 48 hours, 7 seaters, the cost is €220.

Initially we wanted to rent a car, but our credit card limit were full and we cannot use cash to rent that car. Kak Sendy also let us know that the parking fee in amsterdam was quite pricey. For instance, in some area, the parking fee for 1 hour is €2. While in the center area, it will cost €4. In the end we bought travel pass ticket.

We went to Kak Sendy’s house and she already cooked indonesian food. Fried rice with big chicken. It was the most enjoyable food ever in Europe hahaha. After a few days eating pasta, bread and noodle, eventually we can eat our food properly.

In the next day we went to Zaanse Schans and Volendam. It takes around 1 hour from amsterdam center station to Zaanse Schans. It’s hard to say that there is no special thing in Zaanse Schans beside the big windmill. Even the windmills didn’t surprise me. However, that place was one of famous place in Amsterdam, so it’s okay to visit that place.

Volendam is the fisher area. I ate the herring fish there. That fish is the food that you have to try when you are in Netherland. I didn’t like it because I don’t eat raw fish/meat. I just can eat it for a quarter of one fish. The price is quite okay, just €2. The most memorable activity in Volendam was taking pictures wearing Netherland traditional costumes. It was so fun. The price is from €22 – €33. Depends on how many prints you want to take.

We continued to central amsterdam again to take a late lunch/early dinner. Then we walked for almost 3 km finding the mosque. That moment was the most joyful and focus time for praying. That was my first time praying in the mosque when I was in Europe. I prayed to Allah, someday I’ll be back to Europe. Amiiiin.

From the mosque, we went to Kak Sendy’s house to accompany Kak Ria, Dira, Kak Sita and Bang Irfan. Since Yazid and I stayed in the hotel (due to the space limit in Kak Sendy’s house), we (accompanied by Rezy, my Indonesian friend) went to Red Light District for a while then backed to Hotel. At least I know how is the nightlife in Amsterdam, especially in Red Light District.

In the next day, which is the last day, we just spent our time (whole day) for shopping. We went to Primark and Lidl. Primark is the cheap market where you can find clothes, make up, bag, sandals etc. While Lidl is the cheap market as well where you can buy chocolate with very affordable price.

From Lidl, we went to Hotel to take our luggages and headed to Airport. It was so sad realizing that was the ending of our trip (I didn’t count Malaysia, because we just sleepover for one night and didn’t go anywhere besides hotel and restaurant).

Europe is too big, too many things to visit, to many things to explore. Someday, I’ll back there for longer time. Amiiiiin

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