How to Enjoy Venezia in One Day

How to Enjoy Venezia in One Day

How to Enjoy Venezia in One Day

If you read my post about Paris, you’ll know that I missed the flight to Venice. As my friends said, Venice is the must visited city in Italy. Though we missed the flight, we managed the itinerary in order to have time for exploring the Venice.

Venice, the city which used boat as the main transportation. We used Vaporetto (waterbus) to visit from one stop to others stops. We bought the one day pass ticket for €20, you can use that ticket to take a bus as well. If you buy vaporetto for one way, it is about €4. So, one day for €20 is worth it.

We stopped at San Marco. You should stop either at San Marco or Rialto if you want to take Gondola. Gondola is the boat which often used by tourist to sightseeing the venice. The cost is €80 for one Gondola, for 15-20 minutes. We joined with two tourist from Philippine. So we spend about €14 per person.

We moved from one stop to other spots, explore the place like Basilica di San Marco. I just enjoy seeing the ambience, the building, the people, the water from Vaporetto. If people say Paris is the most romantic city, I would prefer Venice as the more romantic. I don’t know how to describe more, the point is you have to come there when you visit the Italy.

From center of Venice we took a bus from apartment, bought the most delicious pizza we tried in Italy (even it was more delicious that pizza that we tried in Florence), then we took a rest in B&B hotel. If I wrote in previous post, the apartment in Florence was the most comfortable one, the least comfortable is hotel in Venice. I know that the price is cheap, but we can get the better hotel with same price in other cities. We were just being upset by the bad smell.

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