Allah Maha Baik

Allah Maha Baik

Allah Maha Baik

Randomly, in the random morning, when I enjoy glass of tea, a couple piece of bread while listening raindrops falling down to ceiling. I just remind the days when I really want to do something, the time when I have many stuffs as my wishlist.

I just remind when I had lunch in my office time, I said to them that eventually I wanted to resign and focus in photography and videography industry. I said that I want to assist one of director or other filmmaker to learn anything from them. And here I am.

I just remind when I really want to work exactly in film production. As filmmaking enthusiast who join in campus film community member and doesn’t have degree in filmmaking, broadcasting and other related majors, I really want to know how the real shooting is. And here I am.

I just remind when I was so difficult to have great freelancer for photographer and videographer working together with me. Since I don’t have any photographer friend beside my former business partner. And here I am.

I just remind when my former business partner was using Macbook and he convinced me how that laptop can be benefit for us as photographer. In the term of its monitor color, performance even prestigious in client’s side. And here I am.

I just remind when I was being photographer in event, I used my Nikon D5000 and its kit lens. When I tried my partner’s camera. I just realized that the image quality which produced by full frame camera and large-aperture lens is so remarkable. Since that time, I decided to upgrade my gear. For the sake of my belief that I’ll focus in this industry. And here I am.

I just remind when my former business partner and I was setting the pricelist and standard operation procedure. I don’t know how much money to pay for decent freelance photographer, how the prestigious and bigger photo and video vendors run their business. Since that time, I have willingness to do freelance in some wedding photography and videography vendors for having benchmarking. And here I am

There are much blessing that I need to be grateful. Through this post, I don’t want to be so snob or something. Perfection or greatness? I know that I’m still far away from those term. However, I swear to myself and to ones who believe in my dreams, that I’ll take this career path step by step. I know, it wouldn’t be easy. Self-doubt always comes out when I can’t do great job. However, when I see how I am now, I realized that at least I am progressing. A way better. Ya Allah, please guide me through ups and downs. Remind me that everything I do is basically to fulfil other needs and enjoy the beauty of your creations.

From your servant,


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