Feel Like Annie Lebouvitz

Feel Like Annie Lebouvitz

Feel Like Annie Lebouvitz

Who knows Annie Lebouvitz? She is one of legendary portrait photographer in the world. I took her masterclass and I was getting inspired by her production and the way she interacts with her team.

A few months ago, I got a project from the Tourism Ministry. I was like so excited because I never had this kind of project with that amount of project value. I hired producer professionally and I worked with fashion stylist, makeup artist, chief of lighting, DI Artist, and talent as well.

Usually, I just work with fashion stylist, makeup artist, and my assistant. However in this project, I had a chief of lighting who set all of the lightings, so I just supervise and gave feedback if the setting didn’t comply with what I want. Then there was a man from camera rental who set the camera and tripod (anyway it was my first time working with a medium format camera, just feeling like a high-end professional photographer) hahaha. He even set the ISO, shutter speed, etc. So I just focus on capturing and interact with the talent. Since my project is compositing with the background, so there was DI Artist who standby and check if the lighting is already fitted with the background.

I got many lessons learned through this project. From getting creative, working with a deadline, as a leader in a team, trusting people, paying attention to detail and many more. Hopefully, in 2019 I’ll get this kind of commercial project. Amiiiiiinnn

Tourism Ministry Vol 1

Tourism Ministry Vol 2


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