Searching: Not Your Usual Detective Movie

Searching: Not Your Usual Detective Movie

Searching: Not Your Usual Detective Movie

Oh my god! So old school yet hillarious. Those things are my impressions when I see opening of this film. It caused by Windows XP interface which is shown as the first frame. What a smart choice. It becomes a hint that the whole story is gonna be something related to digital activity.

I don’t want to share what the story is all about. Though, I’ll give you a basic story of this film. Simply, it’s about a dad-daughter relationship who regularly doing casual conversation and videocall through messenger such as FaceTime. Till the day, Margot (daughter) called his dad (David Kim) in a late night. Unfortunatelly, David didn’t answer the phone since he is sleeping. After that moment, David can’t contact Margot at all and he did his best fo find his one only daughter he has. It sounds simple, but the director’s treatment and the story plot are so fresh and quite new for me.

In my personal opinion, Aneesh Chaganty as a director use the right treatment for this kind of story. He doesn’t use too much “filmic” approach in this film. I mean, I didn’t feel like watching another hollywood movie with all of cinematic camera angle and movement, hollywood-style coloring pattern, and high end production design. Nonetheless, I felt like watching news. I was waiting until the end of film to know what happened with Margot. Aneesh leads us to focus on story instead of visual enjoyment.

While guessing some possibilities where the Margot is, I was thinking “the real life of scriptwritter should be a well-experienced bandit”. Collaborated with Aneesh, Sev Ohanian wrote the story in unexpected plots. They gave us hints, but those are not literally what the answer is. They succeeded to make me curious till the end.

As the common people, I love movie which consists positive moral values. Searching reminds me the importance of communication. Communication in term of ‘face to face communication’. Though, we can communicate to a person intimately through messenger, there’s still gap which only filled by direct conversation. In addition, even we frequently discussed to someone, there’s still a barrier for a person that can’t be shared to anyone.

The communication problem comes from what Uncle Peter said “Because you never ask”. It sounds like usual statement. However, for the whole film that sentence is the most memorable one for me. Congratulation for your debut Aneesh Chaganty. Can’t really wait for your next masterpiece 🙂

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