Yes, I am Analogue Photographer

Yes, I am Analogue Photographer

Yes, I am Analogue Photographer

After trying disposable camera and quite happy by its film look. I considered for having SLR analogue camera. When I want to buy other disposable camera, my friend said “you’ll save more money when you invest in analogue camera instead of buying disposable camera again and again”. I was thinking for a few days and agreed by what my friends said.

I researched in instagram and asking for my friend reference what kind of camera I need to buy. Long story short, I bough Nikon FM from Toko Pernah Baroe for IDR 750.000. I found the selling post in instagram, then I went to the shop in Pasar Baru for doing transaction.

I asked the seller to put my first film for me. He said ” No, I won’t. You should do by your own, so you can do it in the next day. I’ll let you know the way and how it works”. I learned how to put film roll to camera, how to put batteries, how to do metering, etc.

I tried using that camera when I had wedding project as wedding organizer. I took that camera for some moments and taking the pictures. I also spend some rolls for taking my family pictures.

As I developed my film roll before, I asked soup and film to develop and scan my film. I spend around IDR 60.000 to develop and scan black and white film.

You can check the final result here. Please let me know your feedback. I didn’t expect it was that tricky for controling focus, metering, shutter speed and many more. Ya that was my first roll. I need to spend and practice to many rolls for developing my photography skill 🙂

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