K Organizer – Finish What I’ve Started

K Organizer – Finish What I’ve Started

K Organizer – Finish What I’ve Started

Working with passion is one of my interest in this life. Some of my friends know that I am doing my passion for making a living. K Organizer is one of my business which I did passionately. I worked with my bestfriends (Dinda & Dera). We know what is our strengths and weaknesses. There is no internal problem between us, but I have a personal reason why I need to quit from K Organizer.

The 1st reason is I have two businesses which I need to focus on. The 1st one is making SKALA Rental Studio bigger and better. The 2nd one is starting run the Filmo. Until these days, I still struggle to do those things. I know those aren’t easy jobs. That’s why I need to focus and can’t run K Organizer at the same time.

The 2nd reason is I know that my passion and career are in the audiovisual industry. That’s why I want to focus to be a film director or commercial photographer who are being hired by the brands. Since K Organizer doesn’t align with the statement above and I cannot just supervise and making a system, so I need to hardly release K Organizer.

Deeply, I would say thank you to my two business partners which letting me in this business. I apologize for all of my mistakes. I wish we will meet at the top of our own journey. Amiiiiin

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