2019 New Year Holiday in Pekalongan

2019 New Year Holiday in Pekalongan

2019 New Year Holiday in Pekalongan

Holidays is always be my main escaping way from the real world hahaha. After working hard for more than a year without holiday, last new year I went to Pekalongan to visit my family (cousin and her kids). I headed to Pekalongan by train. Probably, it was m the fiy first train trip after my last trip using train in 2014. Ya, almost 5 years hahaha.

In the first day we enjoy our day by swimming in the hotel nearby my cousin’s house (every places are close each other in Pekalongan).

In the second day, we visited our uncle’s house in Semarang. So we had road trip from Pekalongan to Semarang using a car. It was my first time visiting Semarang. I was so happy seeing greeneries and rural area after spending year by year in concrete jungle hehehe. Oh ya, before arriving in our uncle’s house, we stopped by in Laker’s for taking photos in several spots hehehe. Then after leaving my uncle’s house we moved to the famous Eling Bening for taking pictures and had a dinner absolutely.

In the third day, we had “boys day out” hahaha. Syafiq, Zacky, Usman and I went to lolong for enjoying the day in the river. What a pleasant experience. I was so craving for nature hahaha never think too much, I took off my shirt then sank my body in that river hahaha

In the last day, I asked my nephews and nieces to watch Keluarga Cemara and had pizzas together. Before moving out from Pekalongan, I didn’t forget to visit my auntie’s home from my dad side. It was just an one hour visit, but still enough to spend our time and making family bonding hehe

I have been to Pekalongan for four times. I would say, the fourth time was the relaxing one.

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