I’m Not Film Director Yet, But I Did What They Do

I’m Not Film Director Yet, But I Did What They Do

I’m Not Film Director Yet, But I Did What They Do

Being film director is still on my top list. I mean, director in the industry and real world. I’ve been as a director in several short film which won in film festivals. However, I still never been hired as commercial director by client or production house. Nevertheless, I was trying to forget about the title. Yes I know I’m not film director yet, but I did what they do.

Last year (2018), I feel so blessed for having opportunity as co-directors in 3 TV commercials (Clear, Wall’s, BRI). Usually, Mas Ipang has his own co-director. I assist him, but there’s still co-director who supports him professionally. In those three projects, producers didn’t hired the co-director. The position is being delegated to me. Nonetheless, they were a though jobs, but I still love being pressured in something that I love 🙂

Highlight of the projects:

Clear Ayo Indonesia Bisa
First time, I collaborated with Mba Nia as producer
First time, I have opportunity to directly direct the well-known actors (Kimberly Rider, Hamish Daud, etc)
Took some footage using GoPro when Alinka drifting. I felt almost being hit by her car hahaha so horrible

Since we just have one location, one set in kitchen, so Mas Ipang spent his time sitting in director’s chair. I got much freedom to direct talent, planning for the next shot, communication with art department, etc

This is long project. I just remember the time when we were in boat ship and just have less than 1 hour to take one scene. Moreover the waves was so horrible. I was trying to be strong, but all of the crew and even talent can’t handle it. So we just took wide shot, took a break and continued the detail shot when we were in dock by using LED lamp because the sunlight is down already.

Thank god for the opportunity, I’m ready for the bigger risk 🙂

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