My Cousin Had Married

My Cousin Had Married

My Cousin Had Married

In the last February my close cousin, Zacky had married with Nada. Zacky and I were born in the same year, but I am 4 months older than him, but he took one step ahead from me hahaha. I never count it marriage as a competition, yet I am so happy for his marriage.
Our last family marriage was about 9 years ago, when Fairus (my cousin) had a marriage. In this zacky’s wedding, the reason why I was so happy because we gathered as one big family in one day and took a pictures together. Meanwhile, we usually had a conversation together in daily basis. Nevertheless, wearing proper wardrobe to take proper family pictures was so pleasing hehe
I want to post some of our togetherness in zacky’s big days. Anyway zacky had two weddings. The first one was in Bogor (Nada’s Hometown). The second one was in Jakarta (nearby our home).


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  1. 31/10/2020 at 14:28 pm

    […] yang lalu. Tahun ini ada 3 cucu umi yang nikah. Mulai dari Kakak sendiri (Nadira) dan dua sepupu (Zacky & Fairus). Alhamdulillah semuanya berjalan lancar, atas izin […]

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