Bromo for Only A Few Hours

Bromo for Only A Few Hours

Bromo for Only A Few Hours

When workload is over the limit, holidays is always being my favourite escaping way. I had to assist my boss in a big event, in Surabaya. After finishing all of my duties, I asked my colleagues, Tommy to extend one day for visiting Bromo.


Bromo is quite popular in my generation. Some of my friend went there and say that I must visit there. Honestly, I didn’t have high desire to go there comparing to staying for a few nights in Batu, Malang. However, knowing that Mount Bromo can be visited just by one day, I made a decision to visit that place.

I searched the travel tour through Twitter and Instagram. Finally I found the tour which cost IDR 1.600.000 for two people. Yes, I know it’s expensive comparing to normal trip or backpacker package which spread in Twitter or Instagram. However, we are just two of us and I know due to the car rental, gasoline, the driver, etc. It was worth it that price for exclusive package which is just two of us.

We headed from Surabaya to Bromo at 23.00. We arrive at base of Bromo around 3 a.m then continue with Jeep to the sunrise point. I could say, it was cold at the first time, but when the sunrise was coming, it became not that cold.

We enjoy the sunrise, then move to “Bukit Teletubbies”, “Pasir Berbisik” and absolutely the top of Bromo Mountain. We got some beautiful pictures there. Around 10 a.m we back to Surabaya and flew to Jakarta.

It was short trip, but quite pleasing ?

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