I’m Still On The Blog When They Are On The Vlog

I’m Still On The Blog When They Are On The Vlog

I’m Still On The Blog When They Are On The Vlog

Vlogging? I know we’ve been heard these term so many times. I knew it the first time when Dennis Adhiswara made an event for Web series Community in 2011. I was one of the members there. Vlogging: Video Blogging. Two words which really represent me. I was so excited to know more about blogging and create that content by myself.

Along the way, YouTubers are more growing and many new content creators. Most of them do vlogging. They explain what they do from the beginning of the day until they sleep. That’s fine, that’s totally fine. But when we see it more and more, we become more resistant to consume content without insightful context.

So, what’s your vlog Nizar? Do you create an insightful vlog for the YouTube market? I tell you that I (almost) never do vlogging. I mean produce a single video just only vlogging in my YouTube Channel. In 2018, I had a plan to create a regular vlog, I shot once. But, when I see my face on the screen, I wasn’t that confident. I said to myself, Nizar; I think you should focus as a person behind the camera, instead of the one who acts and speaks in front of camera hahaha.

Since I saw the way I speak in front of the camera, I know it would be better if I focus on one thing that I do for 10 years, which is blogging. I know vlogging seems more fun and (maybe) create higher audience and engagement, but producing a vlog is more complex and takes more time comparing blog. Due to my goals, which is sharing opinion and information, I think blogging is still useful for getting that vision.

Seeing from another perspective, the number of vloggers is increasing. While (i think), the number of bloggers is decreasing. In my opinion, it could be the plus point if I stay being a blogger when other people are moving to a vlogger. Hopefully, it’s not defensive thinking for not being evolutionary catching up with this era.

I wish I will do it consistently in the future, so I’ll be a better person in term of systematical thinking and written communication 🙂

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