2019 Resolution: Being a Film Director. Checked!

2019 Resolution: Being a Film Director. Checked!

2019 Resolution: Being a Film Director. Checked!

Oh my goodness, I wrote “hired professionally as a film director” in my new year’s resolution. Thank god, it happened. Directing a film or video isn’t a new thing for me. I’ve been directing some movies for ten years. Nonetheless, in the last three years, in the real industry, what I do is being an assistant. The more significant responsibility I’ve taken is being a co-director.

This year, I proposed the story which I’ve written to Mas Ipang and team. Anyway, I join the presidential election campaign. And as you all know, we need many contents to communicate the strength and uniqueness of our president. We’ve produced many things from video, meme, infographic, testimonial video and many more. However, I want to contribute more. I wrote the story that closes to millennial voters.

At first, the stories were being rejected by some people. However, I pushed myself to revise as a better version. Eventually, the stories were approved, and we did the shooting. Yay!!! alhamdulillaaaahhhh 🙂

I could say, directing by my own without Mas Ipang beside me is quite nervous. I worried that I was wrong. However, thank god I had Indra beside me haha. He supported and supervised me in a few aspects.

After directing two stories, I also directed for PDI Perjuangan Campaign. Then I directed for some LSM video about West Papuan issue. I am so glad that Allah always helps me to reach my dream. Hopefully, I can direct more video so I can push myself to being a better film director.





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