My Sister’s Wedding

My Sister’s Wedding

My Sister’s Wedding

My sister has married last year, December 22nd 2019. Maybe it would be better if I write the short story about she and her husband relationship before wedding.

Around July 2019, my sister had been approached to her friend. Her friend said that there was a man nearby her uncle house who was seeking for a future wife. My sister had been texted by Fawaz (who finally is her husband), for couple days. Without further due, Fawaz asked for the first appointment with my sister (her name Nadira, we can call it Dira).

Dira asked me to accompany her for their “first date”. We had a casual dinner in one of the mall. Knowing each other. Then, Nadira and Fawaz was doing istikhoroh pray to ask Allah whether this is the best option from Him. Long story short, Fawaz and his family came to my house for a few times and in December, they did their wedding.


I didn’t contribute much in her wedding. Everything was managed by my sisters, my mom and my auntie. At wedding day, my mom look so happy for her “first daughter marriage”. The first time, she walked on the aisle and sat on the stage as the bride mom. I accompany her as a replacement of my father. Since he had passed away.

Oh ya, I was so excited train to say “Ijab Qabul” in arabic haha. This is some of documentation. Those were captured by Wira Dhamma, my photographer friend.


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