Resolution 2019 [Reviewed]

Resolution 2019 [Reviewed]

Resolution 2019 [Reviewed]

I just want to write what my goal and expectation through this year. Hopefully I can make significant progress for my written dreams below 🙂

1. Sekamera will greatly run

Honestly, Sekamera just run, not that well. I could say slowly run hehe. But, in this 2020, I made a significant progress for this project.

2. SKALA will be growing well

Thank God, SKALA did financial turnover in this year. It goes over my expectation

3. Hired by brand or PH as a Director

I direct some videos for creative campaign Jokowi-Amin, and Inspiring Stories. Thank god it happened

4. Hired by brand as Commercial Photographer

Tetot! I even didn’t shoot as frequent as before.

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