Being Hipster by Using Disposable Camera

Being Hipster by Using Disposable Camera

Being Hipster by Using Disposable Camera

A couple months ago. I see from Youtube, instagram and blogpost about Disposable Camera. Can you guess? What is it? Ya, it’s such a toy can which already included film inside and you just can use camera until the film roll ends. Then you need to throw it or maybe put in your desk as collection. You can’t use it anywore. That’s why it’s has been called by disposable camera. Sometimes, it’s described “film with lens”.

I bought one Fuji disposable camera through Tokopedia. The price is IDR 175.000. My friend said in Japan the price is cheaper, ya maybe around Rp. 100.000. I bought one to test what it looks like. I use it when I did shooting for Bank Indonesia and spend some roll in daily activites. Please take a look some of my spontaneous shot and let me know your feedback 🙂


Fuji Disposable Camera-8 Fuji Disposable Camera-7 Fuji Disposable Camera-6


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  1. March 4, 2018 at 12:03 pm

    […] After trying disposable camera and quite happy by its film look. I considered for having SLR analogue camera. When I want to buy other disposable camera, my friend said “you’ll save more money when you invest in analogue camera instead of buying disposable camera again and again”. I was thinking for a few days and agreed by what my friends said. […]

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