[Review] Java Heat: Culture Display in Modern Way

The first time when my mate as Publicist invited me to attend pre-screening Java Heat, i didn’t really know about this movie. I just ever read Java Heat via twitter at a glance. Then, i read synopsis from 21cineplex and also watched the trailer. Pre-screening Java Heat This movie is about Malik (Mickey Rourke) who […]

[Review Film] 3SUM

Siapa yang udah nonton 3SUM? Emang agak gimana sih ketika orang nanya “Mau nonton apa?” Trus kita jawabnya “Trisam”. Kamis kemaren itu gue abis nonton Film 3SUM di Planet Hollywood. Bukan nonton film biasa gitu, tapi nontonnya, nobar yang diadain sama Moviegoers. Awalnya gue tertarik nonton film ini karena pertama ini Film Indonesia. Gak tau […]

Ramadhan 1433H

I spend some of last day in Ramadhan with Aresta, They are my neighbour. We held some event in our society. The first we received then distribute “zakat” to right people. The second we organize small competition for kids such as “adzan”, reading al-qur’an, calligraphy, etc. And the third we held sponsorship for the orphans, […]

It’s My Environment

let’s participate for global campaign to save our environment. just made simple video up to 10seconds that show you do simple thing to save our environment. i already made it. how about you? My Video Compilation yeah, our video will be create for great compilation. by made simple video you’ve already help our environment. don’t […]

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