Weekend di Bandung

Weekend di Bandung

30 – 31 Januari 2021 Gilaaaaa lama banget gak ke Bandung. Dan gue kayak selalu kepengen deh nginep seminggu atau sebulan di Bandung. Walaupun agak mager nyari kosan dan ngurusin printilannya sendirian haha. Tapi gue jatuh cinta sih sama Bandung. Ingetnya terakhir waktu liputan kesana untuk majalah Linkers and it was so memorable. Beberapa weekend […]

Dream Project in Bandung

Doing what I love is my current job. Like previous month, I join LINKERS team as a contributor. We explored Bandung for several days. Basically, what we did are taking pictures of cafe, restaurants, food, art spaces, etc, We had been provided by nice hotel, car & driver, and also budget to try the food. Sounds […]

Bandung Trip. Alone.

It’s not story about this weekend. It’s  about the previous one. September, 14th-15th, 2013. I went to Bandung for doing something special for someone special. I don’t want to tell about that specifically. I just want to share my first time experience travel in Bandung, alone. Ya, just me and myself. I use Baraya Travel […]

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