Expression in Breakfasting

In Ramadhan month, there are absolutely breaking the fast invitation. This year, I didn’t attend many this kinda gathering time. I just attend one or two breakfasting’s event. The memorable one is breaking the fast with my fellow engineers. Ajeng and Adit bought new apartment and some of us were invited to “open house”. We […]

Aveva Marine Exams

Hey you, yes you? How was your weekday run? Good? As fresh graduate who start work in engineering company, i also have to be trained before i do the real work. Last weekdays, i did Aveva Marine training. Aveva Marine is software that you can use to modelling equipment, drafting, and many engineering stuff. Maybe […]

The Truth About an Engineer

I just saw one of my friend’s tweet that was linked to When i opened it, i just laughed out loud that it really true. Then, i created my own 😀 EDISI NIZARLAND. HAHAHAHAHA And how about you? Where are your edition? Just make it for your own collection hahaha NIZARLAND “Where The Land […]

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