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My Cousin Had Married

My Cousin Had Married

In the last February my close cousin, Zacky had married with Nada. Zacky and I were born in the same year, but I am 4 months older than him, but he took one step ahead from me hahaha. I never count it marriage as a competition, yet I am so happy for his marriage.   […]

Eid Holiday – Anyer Trip

Have you done your summer holiday, dude? Ya, I know Indonesian doesn’t have summer holiday hahaha. One of the awaited vacation is in the Eid holiday. I was craving for family holiday. As I remember, last time we trip when I had recently graduated from university. It was two years ago. Usually, we have some […]

Circumcision Party

Last weekend my nephews celebrated one of the special moment in their life, circumcision or we can usually called it “Khitanan” or “Sunatan”. I’m just happy because the first one that my nephews have grew up and the second one that I can capture kids expression. Love that job 🙂 Heykal and Ici as “Penganten […]

Lebaran 1434 H

Lebaran? Hmmmm ya maaf-maafan, makan ketupat, makan nastar, bagi-bagi THR (tahun pertama gue bagi THR), kumpul keluarga, kumpul sama temen-temen, dan foto-foto. Lebaran tahun ini gue gak banyak keluar kemana-mana. Hari pertama cuma dirumah. Hari kedua ke rumah saudara dari abah. Hari ketiga kerumah #metal08. Hari keempat meringkuk dirumah, karena meriang, gak enak badan, dll. […]

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