Postpone in Goethe

Last tuesday was my last day in goethe. Different with previous level, in this level i thought to postpone for next level. Because i am job hunting right now and i don’t know where i have to work, in Jakarta or different city. So, i decided to postpone for this moment and hopefully can continue […]

Goethe A2.1

Congratulation, we passed from A2.1. And now we continue to A2.2. The last meeting of deutsch course for this level, we took some photos. Go Go Go Deutsch!!! NIZARLAND “Where The Land Inspires The World”

Uwe Kaa Concert

Don’t expect it big concert, it just concert who had about 200 visitors in Rolling Stone Cafe. The guest star come from german. Playing reggae music. Maybe the concert sounds good, but because i don’t know all of the song so i just didn’t get the feel. But still happy because gathering with my goethe […]

Mabok Dimsum

First time i ate dimsum, when Andre (my goethe-mate) celebrate his birthday. Thank a bunch to Andre who made us “mabok dimsum” since he order really many menus and finally some of food taken to home. p.s: all of photos edited by nadya larasati Happy Birthday Andre (Birthday Boy) SEE YOU 🙂 NIZARLAND “Where The […]

Graduation Party Goethe A1-2

Hi everybody, after Seminar Korosi MnMs Week already finished i went to Grand Indonesia at Paulaner Brauhaus, that is Deutsch Restaurant. I went there with another “Deutsch Lerner” i mean my mate in Goethe (German Course) We had fun together there, try “Deutsch lebensmittel”, take a pict together and  ya we already got sense of […]

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