Korean Gifts

Some of my office mates had been from Korea for Training. Some of them are the person who have in charge in Gina Krog Project and the other as Pipe Stress Analyst in Ichthys Project. I’ve asked them to bring me some gift and they pay their promise hahaha. And these are some gifts from […]

Present from @Qbill

One of my mate (Qbill) back to his hometown at Pakistan, hahaha. No, no, i mean he back to pakistan when ied to meet his parents. And when he back to jakarta, he gave me this stuff. I use keychains at my camera bag. And the elephant one, i put it in my room. Thanks […]

21th Birthday

Hello everybody, i want to post what happened in my last birthday. So i can remind about this want if i want in a few years ahead. Honestly, as same as last year, in my birthday i just stay at home. But, in last year, in a few days ahead i got birthday surprise from […]

Postcard from Bangkok

YEAAAAY!! I GOT POSTCARD FROM BANGKOOOOK!!! Thank you kak uci who gave me this random gift. The first time i got postcard from another country. Wish i were you who often travel around 🙂 NIZARLAND “Where The Land Inspires The World”

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