Maker RTC 2013: Ketika Lebih Seru di Perjalanan

Maker RTC itu acara yang wajib didatengin setiap tahunnya. Karena acara ini tuh, ajang perkenalan kolega baru ke kolega lama. Dan biasanya, ajang ini beneran super duper lawak. Karena banyak alumni RTC beberapa diatas gue yang lawakannya beneran lucu walaupun diulang-ulang. Tapi lucunya gak abis-abis. Tetapi sayangnya tahun ini, tidak seseru yang dibayangkan. Bahkan angkatan […]


Yeah, and here we go with family vacation after lebaran. Anyer was our destination. This vacation so spontaneous and “dadakan”. We had trouble to find rent car but finally we get two of car. We spent our night at Casa Cracatoa, Anyer. I enjoyed the landscape, the weather, etc. Good! The cottage View, pool and […]

YOT Family Day 2012

YUHUUUU!!! In the middle of thesis writting finally i can refresh my mind. I went to pulau tidung at June 16-17 with some Young On Top Campus Ambassador. It seems like farewell for the previous batch and the next batch of this mentorship program. I went there by woody ship. This is the picture. Outside […]

Putri Duyung w/ Aresta

Last weekend, i used to stay at Putri Duyung Cottage, Ancol with ARESTA (Anak Remaja Otista), The best neighbourhood i’ve ever had with them. Rode bike, swam, took some pict and any fun activities. That’s the picture 🙂 Like a boss Another Photos He’s really cute. Foreigner kids NIZARLAND “Where The Land Inspires The World”

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