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Rumah Umi Tanpa Umi

Rumah Umi Tanpa Umi

Kamis, 30 November, jam 16.33. Tiba-tiba ada WhatsApp dari tante gue yang berisi “jang. umi meninggal”. Waktu terasa berhenti beberapa detik. Saat itu juga gue antara enggak percaya, tapi kayak sudah punya feeling. Mendadak merinding dan juga pastinya sedih. Pada saat itu gue lagi meeting dengan Mas Ipang dan beberapa temen yang lain. Tanpa panjang […]

Allah Maha Baik

Allah Maha Baik

Randomly, in the random morning, when I enjoy glass of tea, a couple piece of bread while listening raindrops falling down to ceiling. I just remind the days when I really want to do something, the time when I have many stuffs as my wishlist. I just remind when I had lunch in my office […]

Resolution 2019

Resolution 2019

I just want to write what my goal and expectation through this year. Hopefully I can make significant progress for my written dreams below 🙂 1. Sekamera will greatly run 2. SKALA will be growing well 3. Hired by brand or PH as a Director 4. Hired by brand as Commercial Photographer

Resolution 2015 [Reviewed]

Professionally working for feature film, TVC or video clip(I worked as freelancer with Upie Guava. He is my mentor who taught me about videography. I learn how to produce video clip, tv program and company profile with him) TOEFL IBT score reaches 90(I just got 82) GMAT score hits 680 (I don’t even take the […]

What Have Been Done in 2014

2014 feels so fast. I need to review what have been done in last year. These are highlights for that year. * Completed Ichthys Project, INPEX for M04, L04 and L03. I was the PIC for deck penetration, support installation and 3D view drawing. I also prepared mechanical arrangement and handling way drawing for all […]

Resolution 2014 [Reviewed]

Have outstanding working capability in office(Based on unfair Performance Management System, I was not the outstanding one, even not the good one) Project value of Lumos Production reach IDR. 100millions(I didn’t define exact milestone to achieve this, I should well-planned for this in 2015) Have personal income more than ******** per month(A few months yes, […]

Random Thought

Tonight, I am reviewing my blog. Personally, I feel so sad. I really miss my blog a few years ago. When I was in college, I posted many things I like. Story of events, videos, photos, thought of mine, etc. But now, I seem like lost my mood to write. Feels like I have no […]

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