Gute Besserung Mama

Today, i made greeting card or we called it “Grußkarten” in german. The card is for my mom. I imagined someday i were in spain and when if my mother suddenly sick i would send this card for my mom. Love you mom 😀 NIZARLAND “Where The Land Inspire The World”

Meine Karte

learning deutsch is one of my activity right now. last meeting, i learn about name card and all of student made their imagination name card. and this is mine i wish someday, my imagination come true. i wrote that my job is “Eigentumer Nizarland”. it means “Owner of Nizarland”. and “Zeichtrickfilm – Firma” means “Cartoon […]

Goelali Fest 2011

last thursday and friday i was a volunteer of Goelali Fest (Children Film Festival), not only screening film but also a lot of workshop like news reporting, sound effect, stop motion. and then fun activity like gardening, feeding animals, etc. and of course, this event fully for children. and i really enjoy this activity, around […]

Draw On T-Shirt *1st time*

Do you remember with this post? Naaah ini gue mao memenuhi janji gue. Haha setelah udahan beli kuas, cat dll. I tried to draw on t-shirt. Preparation The result kalo di zoom, jadi gini Ayo tebak maksud dari lukisan ini apa *daelaaaah lukisan* haha. Gambarnya multitafsir loh. Jadi artinya beda-beda tergantung orang ngartiinnya. Oh ya, […]

New Haircut for KP

next monday, i have to KP (Kerja Praktek) in PT. Radiant Utama Interisco, Tbk. and i have to prepare anything such as cut my hair. i really miss my old hair. it seems like “mahasiswa frustasi” but thats unique and sometime look like artistic *LOL* wanna see my new haircut? this is it *gambar ini […]

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