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Display UKM 2012

Oke, sebelum nulis postingan ini gue baca dulu postingan display ukm tahun 2010 dan display ukm tahun 2011. Kangen juga ya baca tulisan jaman dulu, apa lagi waktu yang tahun 2010. Gue bener-bener tulis banyak detailnya dibandingakan 2011 yang cuma kebanyakan foto. Kangen banget tahun-tahun itu pastinya. Well, ternyata prediksi gue di tahun 2011 yang […]

Metal On TC 2012

Did you read my post a few weeks ago about polycrystalline? That is one of part Teknik Cup. The most prestigious competition in Teknik. In this post, i want to show you some awesome photograph about teknik cup which captured by Ali. Check it out! More photos NIZARLAND “Where The Land Inspires The World”

Mapres UI 2012

First time i came to MAP (Malam Apresiasi Prestasi) in UI Level. Because two of my friends, Iman Usman dan Rista had been delegation from their faculty. Proud of them! Anyway congratulation for Iman Usman as 1st Winner of Mapres UI 2012 1st Day: Photos of 2nd Day NIZARLAND “Where The Land Inspires The World”

Zeolite Activation

Almost one week i stayed at nano laboratory to do activation for zeolite. I got some experience, start from know how to use this oven, shock when saw the glass broken inside the oven, rubber from safety gloves adhere to porselen and unremovable, etc. And this is the picture of zeolite activation 🙂 NIZARLAND “Where […]

Finally Started

Today was uber cool. Finally my final project a.k.a “TA” or “skripsi” has started. After long time i just looking for many literature and make frame for Chapter 1,2,3 and finally i do the research. Even just screening at today, at least i moved on :p sample of mine, zeolite powder siever oversize sample NIZARLAND […]

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