lucu-lucuan doang

Origami :)

When my mind complicate by my academic final project, i did new thing that made happy. Made bird by origami paper. This is my first time to do this and simply i glad and enjoy to made this one. Thank to andin who teach me step by step 🙂 Let’s do simply activity which can […]

Ular Tangga

played game which called “ular tangga” with my family. and that’s so fun. i like to play games, with child exactly. if there will be a children ambassador, i think i’m ready for it 😀 from the winner to loser (from right to the left) yeah, i’m lose 🙁 but never mind. the point isn’t […]

Lazy Song by Nizarland

at this morning, we saw video clip of Lazy Song by Bruno Mars. since, the music easy listening and video clip simple and funny. firstly, we just love to watch. but secondly we tried to follow the dancing in that video clip. and at the third we use our webcam and thats the result. ya […]

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