Quotes from Korean Boss

How to be happy* Buy flower for yourself* Go out to see sunset when the weather is good* Spray the best fragrance around your house* Take a picture three times a day with a bright smile* Try to do something that you like* Do your hobby when you have a time* Listen to music loud […]

Quote Reza Rahadian

“Lagian film pendek itu bisa dijadiin showreel buat cari job layar lebar! Aku tuh mau kerjaan pertamaku kerjaan penting! Film penting! Gak mau aku, ngapain ngerengek-rengek bikin film horror ga jelas esek-esek. Yang kayak gitu yang bikin industri perfilman Indonesia hancur” Jakarta Maghrib (2010) “Editor tuh pekerjaan yang penting banget loh. Second editor. Dan editor […]

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