Tips Skripsi ala Nizar

Yak, alhamdulillah skripsi kelar dan sekarang saatnya sharing tentang skripsi ini. So, buat siapapun yang lagi skripsi atau akan skripsian, baca dengan cermat yah. Here’s some tips: 1. Lo yang menentukan Ini pakem pertama yang harus lo pegang. Banyak orang yang udah mikir panjang ketika mau skripsian, ada yang mau nyari pembimbing yang baik lah, […]

Sidang Seminar

Wohoooooo!!! Finally i’ve been through this one. Me, taufik, noval, andre yosi, andreas, and frendy “sidang” at the same time. Photos of my friends Sorry to frendy, i forgot to take picture of him. Maybe because he had been the last and i already forget to take a pict :p NIZARLAND “Where The Land Inspires […]

Zeolite Activation

Almost one week i stayed at nano laboratory to do activation for zeolite. I got some experience, start from know how to use this oven, shock when saw the glass broken inside the oven, rubber from safety gloves adhere to porselen and unremovable, etc. And this is the picture of zeolite activation 🙂 NIZARLAND “Where […]

Finally Started

Today was uber cool. Finally my final project a.k.a “TA” or “skripsi” has started. After long time i just looking for many literature and make frame for Chapter 1,2,3 and finally i do the research. Even just screening at today, at least i moved on :p sample of mine, zeolite powder siever oversize sample NIZARLAND […]

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